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Rob van der Linden Vooren

Software Architect

(+31) 6 24 180 174

About me

I am an independent hands-on software architect with a love for software that delights its users.

I have been delivering business critical software professionally since 2002. In different roles and projects I have experienced practices and processes that support change. Since change is constant, I believe feedback is critical to success on all levels; understanding ultimately software is about people.

I like to think about ways in which systems may break in order to allow them to recover gracefully. I care about delivering systems that can be reasoned about and are expressed in terms of their targeted domain, helping the business move forward. I value quality of work delivered and thrive in an active community with the same drive to grow and learn new things everyday.

Aside from brewing software I love to read, fish and practice tai chi.


Software Engineer, Freelance (2020 jul - present,
Enhancing’s selling offer calculation and publication platform.

Staff Software Engineer, (2019 sep - 2020 mar, Uber)
Payments Platform

Lead Software Engineer, Freelance (2018 feb - 2019 sep, Royal FloraHolland)
Building the Floriday platform

As one of the largest auction companies in the world, the Royal Flora Holland moves huge numbers of flowers and plants daily. To facilitate both the buyer and seller side of this movement online, we develop Floriday.

cqrs aws axon framework microservices docker jvm pagerduty grafana sqs

Senior Software Architect (2016 - 2018, doubledutch)
Rewriting the worlds leading Live Engagement Marketing platform

legacy ddd microservices cqrs eventsourcing docker jvm golang .net grafana prometheus axon framework rabbitmq

Software Architect / Manager (2011 - 2016, Deloitte Innovation)
“Do the processes in your organization operate according to standard and if not where can you find opportunities to optimize them?”

I performed hands-on technical guidance of the development team in design, implementation and testing of the process intelligence software solution that helps answer these questions. Besides being a core member of our development efforts, I kept an eye on trends in the software field and matched approaches, technology choices and implementations where I believed we could benefit from it.

To this day, the software is in use by several F500 companies to successfully increase operational and process efficiency.

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Senior Software Engineer (2003 - 2011, JTeam) acquired by Trifork in 2012
At JTeam I worked on a variety of successful bespoke software projects in different industries and during this period grew into role of Senior Software Engineer. Industries included profit, non-profit, government and healthcare.

I delivered bespoke software systems which often times integrated with third party systems. I worked both in-house as well as on client-site for and with clients.

Because JTeam nurtured its Extreme Programming culture from inception, I have been ingrained with feedback stimulating practices and methods. I believe I still benefit from these experiences every day.

xp tdd scrum spring framework java hibernate continuous integration

Development Process Consultant (2006, Everyweb Solutions)
Played a key role in setting up a development environment supporting agile practices to increase transparency in the development process. As such introduced issue tracking, an automated build system and test driven development.

spring framework .net trac python tdd continuous integration


“Rob, the man with a sharp eye for holistic views and deep technical knowledge. He is strong in distributed system design and knows how to tackle complex business challenges with simple and effective software solutions. Rob shines in growing software guided by tests and a razor sharp design. This allowed our team to be effective, and to stay effective on the long term. It is a bliss to work with Rob and I’m looking forward to work with him any time.”

Pieter Joost van de Sande

“Rob is a dedicated and driven software engineer with a keen eye for detail and workflow. Highly recommended.”

Olivier Keun



Currently unavailable for contract and consultancy work.
Contact me to inquire for my next availability.

(+31) 6 24 180 174
KvK 69654050
VAT-ID NL002135970B94
Hilversum, The Netherlands
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